It all started when, two art directors decided to leave the exciting, glamorous but highly stressful world of advertising and go off on their own. To do work that was fun, satisfying and hopefully pays well.

Working on a wide range of projects such as, hand-rolled cigars, armoured car outfitters, beauty products, eyewear, animal conservation groups, home appliances, fast food chains and more, they gained valuable insight, knowledge, skill and experience in the development of brands, both in design and advertising.  


Many moons later, the two are now married, with a son and have finally decided to formally open shop. 

That shop is fluid.

We are a brand building, design and advertising shop, that takes into account each clients unique attributes and quirks and work with them to develop ideas and solutions, best suited to their specific needs. That may sound like a corporate line, but we like to think of our clients business as our own.

So please look around, and let us know if there is anything we might be able to do for you.